Tri-Force Exploration, L.L.C. uses a balanced approach to successful growth through the exploitation of acquired fields and new exploration discoveries using the latest in 3-D seismic and other cutting edge technologies.  Tri Force's team of geoscientists, geologists and drillers represent over one hundred years of experience and success. The integrating of geosciences, geophysical analysis, and advanced engineering techniques allows Tri Force to better defined potential of projects prior to acquisition. However, negating and managing risk is the key to a successful exploration program.  Tri-Force’s strategy includes the use of industry alliances, a balanced production of oil & gas, and the application of traditional  and advanced technologies.

To maximize our success, the Tri-Force team uses a complete study approach to each project.  Using reservoir engineering, drilling, logging, completion and well development programs allows Tri-Force to design a frac stimulation and production facility  to optimize production and control costs.  This complete study approach is applied to existing and mature fields in Tri-Force’s inventory as well as fields under consideration for acquisition. 

Tri-Force, ever aware of the volatility in today's market is constantly seeking the latest in research, production, and development techniques.  This allows  quick and efficient adjustments to the swings in energy prices by maintaining a diverse portfolio of projects.